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Dear people,

Through the years we’ve thought a lot, we’ve talked a lot but especially felt a lot.
All in all, we must have played around 900 shows with Steak Number Eight, and the love and energy we’ve always got in return from you guys has been among the craziest things we’ve ever experienced in our chaotic, messed up lives. We want to thank you for who you are.

As some of you might have heard rumours about us calling it a day, we need to clarify what’s been going on for some time now and where Steak Number Eight is heading to after 15 years of spinning around on this roller coaster because it’s NOT true that we as band are going to stop : the future looks and sounds brighter than ever before. That’s why we wrote this letter.

This project, this band, this formation has always been extremely close to our hearts in every possible way. Steak Number Eight has never simply been a musical process. Looking back, as 11-year-old kids we were completely blown away by everything Brent’s older brother, Thobias was doing in his band Voidpoint. The first track of their debut release was called ‘Steak Number Eight’, so you can figure where we got our name from.

When Thobias passed away back in 2005, our name and everything we were doing with this band got an extremely personal touch to it. At that age we weren’t exactly the most skilled musicians, but as we look back to all our records we’re very proud to hear that we’ve always managed to translate our deepest emotions into music. But as this homage was really something we needed and wanted to pay, it sometimes felt like we could never really move on personally.

To stay true in what we create we need to close this chapter. After 15 years, we will celebrate the death of what we were and the birth of what we’re going to be. Since Ghent (Belgium) is our hometown, on the 2nd November of 2018 we will play our last show ever as Steak Number Eight at Vooruit, Ghent…. Come watch our metamorphosis and let’s make this a night to remember!

Joris, Cis, Jesse & Brent